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Writer's Block: Family planning

If you wanted to have children and had trouble conceiving, would you be more likely to consider IVF, surrogacy, or adoption, and why?

I would mostly definitely consider adopting when starting a family. As much as I want kids of my own blood, I see nothing wrong and less of adopting children. If you are able to save and give a child a great life, why not? Isn't that the purpose of having children.

Identity Crises

Erik Erikson, a notable psychologist, proposed the 8 psychosocial stages of human development. In it, adolescence is the time for the person to know his or her identity and place in the world. If this does not happen, role confusion occurs.

It is wonderful if a teen does learn who he or she must become.
In this post, I want to talk about the complexity that occurs in this stage as it relates to my personal life.

I know what I want to be and what I need to be. Most fortunately, I know how to meet both of these roles. The problem however lies in the journey towards that goal. My life is full of challenges. Challenges that I would not dare mention for this would lead to pity and defamation.
The point is... when all else seems lost and worthless, it is important to remember that I still have ME and that is something that I can always control. When I feel cornered and separated from everyone and everything normal, I only need to remember that I am wrong in all the right ways. God gave me the intelligence and will to survive this long. So take a deep breath and remember that you are special and you will change this world.

Writer's Block: Remember that time…

What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you as a child? Are you still embarrassed whenever you think about it?

I wasn't embarrassed at that time, but when I look back I cringe.

I just transferred to a new school and it was gym class. I have no idea where the assigned lockers were so I took the first locker I saw. Little did I know it was reserved for the incoming varsity baseball team. They gave me looks every time I was there. One dude tried asking my why I was using "that" locker, but backed away. I used the locker for an entire semester and nobody said a word, but they gave me looks.

Perfect Person

This post is about perfect people.

In our lives, there are many people that we love and adore but very few are those we see as perfect. It is well-known that no one is perfect. However perceiving perfection does exist only in short moments when we interact with certain strangers.

When we do meet them, we desire to be like them. They motivate us to pursue our goals. It can be in intellect, leadership, and appearance.

But we must be cautioned to not believe and depend on those people we see as perfect as they are not. When we make the mistake that we become obsessed and meticulously follow their ways, we try to predict those people's actions. And when they do not seem to fit our perception of perfection, we degrade them. We degrade them to the point where it would've been better to not have met them at all. If we gained friendship, we lose that. If we gained trust, we lose that as well. We develop a cynical view and say to ourselves "it was too good to be true."
When in fact, we should have told ourselves that right in the beginning.

The next time you meet a "perfect" person, learn from them and appreciate them...at a distance.

I dedicate this post to my teachers. Thank you for showing me what I can become.

Writer's Block: Something like that

What is the BIGGEST lie you've ever told?

Well....my BIGGEST is locked away in a safety box hidden in an underwater cave.
I'll tell you second biggest lie instead.
I was a little child and got interested in why the middle finger is so important. I was crossing the street with my family. I was signaling cars to stop. I wondered "why not give them the finger" and so I did. One lady came to a screeching stop and got out of the car infuriated. My mom defended me saying I would never do such a thing. I got scared and told my mom she was right.

I'm sorry lady, I was ten or nine...or nine and a half. FU....lol just kidding.

Writer's Block: Happy happy joy joy

What cheers you up the most when life gets you down?

There are two reasons I would feel down. One, I have made a mistake I am ashamed of. Two, I have been made to feel ashamed.
Either one, I get cheered up when someone I trust tells me the truth and gives constructive criticism or praise.
Are there any sentimental objects that you've kept for many years? Are there any that you bring with you wherever you go?

Yes I do have couple of sentimental things that I've been keeping for years. One is a card from a friend back when I was a freshman. It was Christmas card. He was thanking me for being a good friend to him. Back then, I didn't think much of it. As a matter of fact I didn't give him one in return. Years pass by and I found the letter along with my papers and documents. I have no idea why I kept it, but it bring a smile to my face every time I read it.

Writer's Block: Built to last

If you could build a monument, like the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty, what would you build, and where would you build it?

I would build an actual village with Christmas theme in the North Pole. It would have bright lights that can be seen from outer space. Yes, I expect this village to extremely bright, but I also expect it to be secluded and ran by robots to maintain the village. And heck, why not build a gigantic Christmas tree in the middle as tall as the Eiffel Tower.
What's the one thing you would most want to improve when it comes to your laptop or computer?

My laptop does what I need it to do. However, it is somwhat dyfunctional.
I must  position the power adapter and the cord a certain way to actually charge the laptop.
The laptop cannot be unplugged for more than 15 minutes.
The DVD/CD drive does not work.
The "scroll" portion of the trackpad is EXTREMELY sensitive.
The rubber feet under the laptop are missing and irreplaceable.
So what do I need?...........money. Money to buy a new laptop.

Writer's Block: Fear

What is your greatest fear? Do you think you'll ever overcome it?

My greatest fear is being dumped in a tub full of nightcrawlers.
And no, I don't think I'll overcome it. How can it be the greatest fear when I can overcome it.
But...throw in 10 million  dollars and I might give it a shot.